april 19, 2005 . The Classic Center . Athens, Georgia
more pictures at the bottom . scroll down to see the results!


Class I Between the Hedges: 1 Susie Cross and Lynn Mclanahan
                                            2 Supriya Chesser and Gigi Lastinger
                                            3 Kitty Wilson and Anne Freeze

honorable: Katherine Moseley and Hart Roberts,                                                    Brenda Magill and Laura Miller
Class II Our Southern Roots: 1 Lili Ouzts & Cissy Hutchinson
                                            2 Mary Gannon Gunn    
                                            3 Alice Bullock and Sally Sams          
                                            hm Doree Boswell and Eleanor Sams, Suzanne Taylor
Class III Rock On: 1 Rinne Allen and Chad Erwin
                            2 Mary Ella Hill
                            3 Ellen Wiley and Mercer Brockenbrough
                            hm  Mary Catherine Tillman and Evelyn Dukes, Ruth Bauerle
Class IV Athena: 1 Gay and ?   
                             2 Ginger and ?  
                             3 Mary Hardman
                             hm Catherine Hardman, Jennifer Segrest and Sally Coenan
Class V Terracotta on my mind:
                            1 Ba Steedman   
                            2 Sissy Toro
                            3 Susan Bannister
                            hm Suzanne Bowles, Meg Dure, Page Pate
Class VI Challenge: 1 Lynn Steedman
                              2 Ansley Perno
                              3 Lucy Allen
                              hm Oby Duepree and Mary Anna Terrell
Class VIII Men: Blue-Bob Segrest
                        Blue-Johnny Steedman
                        Red-Harvey Ouzts
                        Red-Lee Smith
                        Red-Shooter Roberts


Clarissa Willemsen Horticulture Propagation Award- Jennifer Segrest
Catherine Beattie Medal- Mary Ella Hill for a Sweetshrub
Best in Show- Brenda Magill for a Buckeye she propagated

Flower Arranging:
Harriet DeWaele Puckett Creativity Award aka The Puckett! - Rinne Allen
Sandra Baylor Novice Flower Arranger- Gay Crowe
Dorothy Vietor Munger Award- Lili Ouzts and Cissy Hutchinson
Best in Show-Ba Steedman


The best daffodil-Brenda Magill
The best Iris-Laura Allen
the best firepink-Sally Coenan
the best poppy-Eleanor Terrell
best trillium-Cissy Hutchinson
best solomon's seal-Susan Hodgson
best wild azalea-Brenda Magill
best buckeye-Temple Mclananhan
best mahonia-Mary Anna Terrell
best Athens Sweetshrub-Carolyn Garrard
best holly-Chad Erwin
best columbine-Mary Katherine Tillman
Brenda had the best of lots of thing
best azalea-Susan Bannister
best viburnum-Margaret Howard
another best azalea-Ansley Perno
Jennifer got alot of bests too
best lily of the valley-Laura Miller
best cherokee rose-Ruth Bauerle
best appleblossom-Mary Anna Terrell
best walking stick-Margaret Howard
best cardoon-Rinne Allen
best houseplant-Ann Frierson
Amaryllis: hort. merit-1 Rachel Mays, 2 Brenda Magill 3Page Pate hmTootsie Adams
   artistic: 1Jennifer Segrest 2Mary Gannon Gunn 3Mercer Brockenbrough
   hm Catherine Hardman, Tootsie Adams



The purpose of the Junior Ladies Garden Club is:
to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to aid in the protection of native plants and birds; to share advantages of association by means of open meetings, conferences, correspondance, and publications; to restore, improve, and protect the quality of the environment through programs and action in the fields of conservation,civic improvement, and education.